Monday, February 15, 2016

Click and Go Photography

I have always enjoyed taking pictures, but never had the right camera to do it. My dad, an aviation photographer, recently gave me a Nikon D3000 - a fancy camera like nothing I have ever had before. I love it! And even though I always knew how being able to take my own high-quality photos would enhance my writing, I didn't really know how much photography would ignite my creativity. I've only had the camera for a month, but have I ever enjoyed playing with it! There's a saying: creativity begets creativity. How true that is! And as with anything, learning and improving is never-ending. I hope to take a photography course, and I look forward to learning the countless ways of tying photography and writing together. My dad and my two sisters both enjoy photography; for fabulous nature and life-stills, stop by and if you're into aviation, be sure to visit

I started a photography site showcasing my photos - I hope you'll stop by!