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THAT NIGHT - published by Evernight Teen/Evernight Publishing

Reviews of THAT NIGHT:

Harlie's Books:"Has a book ever given you whiplash that you sit there afterwards wondering…what the heck just happened? I mean this in a good way. Finishing this book (*sniffs*) gave me that and more. And its a YA book. I know, right? YA books are supposed to be fluffy and teen with the made up teen angst that so many authors throw at us but oh no. Ms. McManus doesn’t do that. Nope..nada! She took an all too familiar scenario and turned it on its head." Find out more here.

Maine Book Momma "​Stories like That Night reminded why I never ever want to be a teenager again. Seriously. This novella made my heart ache." Find out more here.

Stormy Nights Reviewing and Bloggin' "This book will have you turning the pages and gripping the edge of what you're sitting on." Find out more here.

The lovely folks over at Long and Short Reviews YA gave a 4 1/2 star review: "Written in the first person, it really grabbed my attention and held it to the end." Find out more here.

"It is absolutely worth your time..." said the kind ladies over at With Love for Books about THAT NIGHT. Find out more at www.withloveforbooks.com

Find the paperback and ebook for sale at Evernight Teen, Chapters/Indigo, Amazon, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords


It can take a whole day to figure out what happened…that night.

On what was to be just another Monday morning at school, Luke’s girlfriend Jessica is nowhere to be found. Names like ‘psycho lover’ follow Luke to his locker, even his best friend is acting ‘strange.’ Luke soon learns Jessica tried to kill herself at a party from the previous Saturday night, and everyone’s blaming him – including Jessica. Luke knows he’s not to blame, but with no contact from Jessica he’s at risk of losing everything—Jessica and his dreams of being a mechanic—all because of what happened that night.

STREET NOTES - published by Opal Moon Press, the young adult line of After Glows Publishing.

Available for sale in ebook format at Amazon and at Chapters/Indigo.


All 15-year-old Nick Zinsky wanted was a guitar of his own and a necklace for his mom, and he wanted to buy both on his own, without anyone’s help.

Nick’s mom want him to focus on school and not get a job. But Nick is anxious to save up, so he spends the summer and weekends busking downtown with a guitar loaned from school – a secret he has to keep from his mom, his music teacher, his friends, and especially from the school bully, Beau.

But when a music competition is announced where the prizes would solve all Nick’s problems, Nick lacks the confidence to enter.

Can he find the courage to enter and will it make his problems disappear?

Author note: ‘Street Notes’ is a story about bullying, a teens’ struggle for independence, and about learning that sometimes it’s okay to ask for help.

This book was previously published with the title “Newbie Nick” in June 2014.

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