So you wanna write?

So you wanna write? You have dreams of writing a novel, a short story, or you doodle with funny little poems, but think - that's not for me And do you ask yourself, "But what do I wanna write about?" "Can I BE a 'writer'?"

Yes, anyone can 'be' a writer.
And there are lots of things to write about - there is no right or wrong.

No time? Yes, you have time. If you can watch a TV show for 30 minutes, you can write for 15 or 30 minutes. With no one telling you what to write, how much to write, or when to write. It's up to you. But practice makes perfect (and all that jazz), and writers - write. So get writing! Something - anything. You don't have to show anyone.

Do you like to read? and what?
What kind of TV shows do you like? Why?
Do you daydream? Do you doodle?
Do you have a journal? (if not, start!)

You don't have to excel in school, especially English, but having decent writing skills sure help. BUT THAT'S OKAY if you aren't good at grammar and punctuation. There are books for that, classes for that, and gosh darnit - listen to your English teacher!

A few websites to help you get started - to inspire you:

Go Teen Writers (click on the title). It's a great website to get anyone, of any age, started in writing. As the title says: Contests, encouragement and community for young writers. There is also a fantastic writing book for teens which can be found at Amazon.

The Young Writers Society It's another great site for writers, new and emerging, and who knows - you might get published on their website.

Still don't know what to write? Well, there's an app for that!

There are many free creative writing apps available for iphones, iPads and tablets. Just go into your 'app store' and search for 'writing,' 'creative writing,' 'writing prompts,' or 'story starters.' Many of them provide a starter sentence, plot or story line to get you started. There is always something to write about!
Good luck, and happy writing!

Good luck!

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