Tuesday, July 19, 2016

I’ve Been Cataloged – At the Library

The Greater Victoria Public Library has created a specialty collection featuring fiction and non-fiction works by authors and illustrators specifically from South Vancouver Island aptly called…The Emerging Local Authors Collection. This year my young adult book, THAT NIGHT, is part of that collection and I am honoured to be part of the collection.

In May the library hosted a special celebration night for authors of this collection – snacks and bubbly (non-alcoholic) along with speeches from library executive and a great unveiling of the books made all the authors in the collection feel special. It’s quite something to start writing a book, a greater feat to type THE END upon completion, and then too-magical-for-words when it gets published. And to see your book cataloged in a library!? Wow!

For most writers books have always played a part in his or her lives. A library is often where a writer is born – where bibliomaniacs are created! It’s in the quiet reading corners of these book-infested buildings where books and their authors are discovered – worlds are escaped to between the pages of someone’s imagination. As a kid I made a constant beeline from my home in Richmond to the Richmond Public Library – I think I still have my old library card somewhere – so having my book available to readers to take out on loan at a library with other authors? Awesome!

At the special collection-unveiling gala evening, authors had an opportunity to autograph their books as well as a large sign prominently displayed in the library. Next year a new collection of emerging author’s works will be showcased for library patrons to discover. Hats off to the folks at the Greater Victoria Public Library for singling out local authors and showcasing their works!

THAT NIGHT, a gritty young adult contemporary teen fiction novel, is available for loan in paperback and ebook now! Be sure to take it out – but don’t forget to return it! Visit the Greater Victoria Public Library here.