Thursday, September 7, 2017

Summer's Over - Fall is Near

It's been a long hot, busy summer. When I wasn't busy working outside the home, I was busy with my family at home. New places of employment for many in my house prevented us from going anywhere, but that's okay - it just meant I could explore and enjoy where I live! Although my writing suffered a tad, other goals were met like publishing a much-loved story of mine, Street Notes (Opal Moon Press). I'm so thrilled and honored to have my book as part of this new line of young adult fiction!

Sadly the hot, dry summer months in these parts brought record-breaking, tragic wildfires around our province. Perspective is always being thrown back at me reminding me to always remember to make the most of what we have during the time we have. Although over the course of a few weeks we were covered in wildfire smoke and ash, there were a few weeks I was able to get out with my camera and enjoy some sun - I'm a lucky girl. Despite how extremely busy I was, I swam in the local lakes, practiced archery, read when I could, and focused on my family. I guess this is me writing a condensed first-week-of-school 'What I Did Last Summer' essay - oh how I loved writing essays when I was in school oh-so-many-moons ago!

Now with summer over and my one son back in school, routines will set back to normal - whatever normal is - and I hope to get back to writing, and on a regular basis. I have been chomping at the bit to write, but other things - and goals - took up my time and energy. I have learned that sometimes a break away from what we love can only strengthen the passion that brought us to that love in the first place. I had lots of time for thought and reflection and I look forward to jumping into fall that will race to the end of the year with a renewed perspective and fresh energy.
I can't wait for nights curled up with a book, getting out in clear, crisp, sunny fall days with my camera, writing in the early mornings, and setting and meeting new goals. Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice Latte's are calling my name, a shawl/wrap I am knitting is eager to be finished and worn, and I think this year I want to buy a pair of kitschy fall boots.

I wish you all a happy fall season. Stay safe, hug your loved ones (and often), call those who aren't local (and often), enjoy every moment of what you have, and always take time to read a book.


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