Saturday, July 7, 2018

Where Have I Been?

I've been away for a while from this world of words. We grow and change, are challenged and tested, distracted and detoured, and sometimes just have to take a step back. Even though part of me has been elsewhere, this place of words and thoughts and dreams and imagination has truly never been far from my heart. I look forward to coming back, and maybe not picking up exactly where I left off, but most likely to just start anew. I know that writing is and always will be in my heart and I know it will come in dribs and drabs (like what is happening right now as I write this!), but for now this is as good as it's gonna get.

Other things have consumed my attention and my energies - I have been needed elsewhere - all while finding outlets that have me escaping somewhere other on than a blank page. I have family, a busy job, and my love of archery - a perfect get-outside-and-escape activity - that all have drawn my attention away from my usual molding-of-words. Words are an escape, I know that deep down, but for now I have to do what works for me in my present life.

So I'll be back - heck, I know I've been already gone so long - but I won't be gone for as long.

Thank you for coming by - I hope you'll come back - and always remember to to follow your heart.

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