Thursday, April 9, 2015

Need Writing Inspiration - Go to Pinterest!

If you're a writer, or just starting out, everyone needs a little inspiration now and again. There are many seeds of inspiration out there - just look around! The world is a big place! Books, movies, magazines - especially just walking down the street and people-watching - can all foster ideas.

And here's one more place to get ideas - Pinterest. It's like an online scrapbook, where you have boards (pages) to save all your pins (clippings/pictures). Most pins take you to an associated website, but sometimes just looking at an image is enough.

Pinterest has become one of my favorite places for writing how-to's and I've created a few boards where I have saved quotes, inspiration, tips and ideas - and more! I've even created boards specific to books I have written or am working on, saving pins that have given me ideas or inspiration. I like visual prompts and inspiration, so Pinterest works for me. I hope you'll stop by and get starting 'pinning' to help you get writing!

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Happy Pinning!

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